See our selection below, these are covered by two types of hiring facilities:

  • Short-Term – Up to 3 month. – Covered by a simple hire arrangement.
  • Long-term – 3 months plus – Generally for construction sites, shopping centres etc. covered by lease hire with rapid replacement equipment included.


Please contact us for more details.


Special Event Radio Hire

Covering both large and small events we provide two way radio communications to our customers ensuring their events run smoothly and safely. We have a great reputation for event radio hire and you can be rest assured that Communication Specialists will keep you connected!

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Construction Hire

Two way radios for construction and building sites are vital for communication, our digital radio fleet will save you time and money in this hazardous environment and keep your team safe and secure. Our radios are designed to meet the needs of the construction market.

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Hospitality Hire

Our fast and effective two way radios are the ideal choice for hotels, guest houses, leisure clubs and health spas. With our fleet also providing waterproof and dust proof options you cab be rest assured that the front desk to the concierge can communicate quickly and discreetly.

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Security Hire

Effective two way radio solutions for security teams allow a reliable connection to command centres and first response teams. Offering man down options, emergency buttons and simple pairing options, the UK’s top security teams and nationwide contracted staff benefit from our security radios.

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Winter Sports Hire

This hazardous sport requires reliable and active communications for the whole response team, anything can happen during endurance sports and events. Our latest digital radio fleet will allow your tea, to react swiftly from anywhere on the mountain.

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