Our Developing Markets


Communicate With Confidence

Our communication equipment provides solutions for our customers with particular specific and complex needs, bringing you customised end to end communications for a single end user right through to a government organisations. Our two way radios are highly reliable, have low power consumption and are rugged and tough for those harsh environments.

A constant challenge for our customers is a reliable source of their two way communication systems, we can provide reliable, compact, tough and low consumption solutions. We can assist you with connecting your existing systems with the next generation digital two way radios, improving productivity and safety within your team.


Agriculture & Fisheries

Our radios for farming, forestry and agriculture are durable to suit the needs of the unpredicted weather which this industry face. We have a reputation for assisting our customers who face tough decisions in harsh environments, whether you need to upgrade your existing units to something more suitable or need HF to communicate long distances we can satisfy those needs.


Construction Sites

Important tools for the construction markets, our two way radios provide cost effective and reliable solutions to keep workers in constant contact with the each other which saves lives and money. During construction projects, precision, time and safety are three most important aspects, lack of radio communication increases duration of your project as well as risk assessment.


Disaster Management

In times of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, tsunami and rainfall floods, first responders; such as the Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade require an integrated communications system which enables them to coordinate their efforts and suitably provide a solution, ensuring quick reliable response is paramount and critical to saving lives. We provide quick deployable integrated repeater solutions as well as Satellite PTT System to cover areas of operation in affected locations where infrastructure system has been completely destroyed.


Government Organisations

on the mission at hand with reliable solutions which allow you to deploy mobile command control stations and stay connected with your field team without the cost of expensive mobile phones or lack of communications integration between organisation during events, our solutions are cost effective and innovative.


Humanitarian Solutions

Bringing you solutions for humanitarian organisations allowing them to quickly deploy their communications for national or worldwide events remaining in touch with the headquarter or remote locations. We cover agencies in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa including oceans, offering global mobile data and voice services on satellite networks with Monthly Contracts or Prepaid Vouchers.


Mining Oil & Gas

A constant worry within the mining and oil & gas industries is how to maximise operational productivity to achieve production quotas whilst keeping every person on site safe at all times. Our two way radios are intrinsically safe, robust and meet the current international standards for use in volatile environments where gas presents a combustible threat every day. Both Local and Global radio coverage available.


Peacekeeping Missions

In remote areas of our planet there are places affected by political conflicts and not all peacekeepers have the available support of a communications infrastructure. Our solutions provide a different type of platform for such missions, from short to long range communication we can provide a flexible solution from fixed stations to mobile using military grade gear available now to commercial markets.


Public Safety

High frequency radios have always been a requirement for public safety personnel, especially for those who patrol through areas without a mobile phone network coverage, our solutions help combat this issue for public safety workers of Blue Light Services. We can offer HF, VHF, UHF & Tetra radios for vehicles and headquarters so the field team can connect using GPS and ensure safety of the whole team. During emergency calls Communication, Preparation and Timing are most important.


Tactical Deployments

Providing solutions to increase functionality and dependability for the remote regions of the world where communications can face many difficulties. High Frequency radios offer the ability to communicate over challenging terrain to ensure soldiers can be heard with voice clarity especially during distress situations requesting support or providing precise coordinates, enabling a user to quickly and easily use the radio without intense training. Available fixed, mobile and portable Manpack solutions for field communication.


Transportation Services

Providing trusted solutions for land and sea transport our communications offer a great infrastructure in an array of applications for country, city centres and state wide systems, we can provide fixed or temporary vehicle solutions with a fleet GPS tracking systems.