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ADB-72-MA-3000 Crypto Level I Digital Modules – 20 bit Key

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ADB-72-MA-3000 Digital Encryption Modules
(Option board for Motorola MOTOTRBO)

ADB-72-MA-3000 Crypto Level I Digital Modules – 20 bit Key

The ADB-72-MA-3000 is designed for simple plug-in installation into MOTOTRBO VHF/UHF mobile and portable radios.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

ADB-72-MA-3000 Technical

The ADB-72-MA-3000 series digital encryption module is designed to provide medium level (Class I) protection of two-way radio communication from eavesdropping by unwanted listeners in order to keep confidential information private and safe. The ADB-72-MA-3000 module utilizes AES digital encryption with the strength of over one million key combinations to protect from attacks on confidential conversations. As an investment in safety and privacy, it provides an affordable balance of cost and security for mid-level voice encryption for use by commercial users, police departments, public safety organizations and other organizations as a defense against unauthorized interception of private and sensitive voice transmissions by casual or clever and determined listeners.


When the radio is used in secure mode, if an eavesdropper attempts to listen to a conversation, they will not hear any vocalization. There will be an absence of speech referred to as “white noise”. As the ADB-72-MA-3000 uses a digital communication channel in an analog radio communication system, it also rejects background noise, helping the receiver to clearly hear and understand the communication. The ADB-72-MA-3000 module offers a programmable “autodetect” option, enabling automatic receive operation while the radio is operated in secure mode.

The ADB-72-MA-3000 module can be used in both portable and mobile radio systems that utilize conventional analog repeaters operating in the 12.5/25 kHz radio spectrum. It can be used a variety of radio networks including Simulcast, LTR, and voting systems. Plus, it is compatible with dispatch systems featuring Check, PTT-ID, OTAR, and GPS location information. Other options include compatibility with frequency inverters using analog keys as well as compatibility with double-inversion voice band scramblers using analog keys.

The ADB-72-MA-3000 is designed for simple plug-in installation into MOTOTRBO 3000 range (EMEA) . Once installed, programming for the MOTOTRBO the DP/DM3000 range (EMEA) module is performed easily via a personal computer (PC).

Versions of the radios
For correct operation of APJ1 Media services modules in the Motorola MOTOTRBO the DP/DM3000 series radios is to have the corresponding version of the firmware and must have an activated Enhanced Audio/Data Routing Option (Part Number SW000449A01).

Note that the radio firmware version is not the CPS software version.

We strongly recommend using the latest firmware version for all radios to prevent compatibility issues.

The firmware version for DP/DM3000 series is to be R02.30.00 or higher.

Motorola Regional Compatibility
European Equipment: DP2400, DP2600, DP3400, DP3401, DP3600, DP3601.

For example: Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Caribbean – Please contact us or view our Mototrbo comparison chart

Programming modules ADB-72-MA-3000
Programming of the ADB-72-MA-3000 module is carried out with our dedicated software using:
Module external programming probe – via ADP-9-USB, 4-pin programming probe.
While fitted inside the radio (Operational) – via the radios standard programming cable.

Installation of modules ADB-72-MA-3000 – PlugIn module
For installation ADB-72-MA-3000 Modules into Portable and Mobile Radios DP/DM3000 Series a special flex is additionally required as part of the radio interface.


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