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ADB-820-RPU Crypto Level III plus Digital Modules – 64 Digit HEX key (256-bit)


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ADB-820H-RPU Digital Encryption Modules (Wire-in option board for RELM RPU3300U Portable and Mobile radios – or other projects)

ADB-820-RPU Crypto Level III plus Digital Modules – 64 Digit HEX key (256-bit)


The ADB-820H-RPU is designed for simple wire-in installation into the RELM RPU3300 series VHF/UHF portable radios.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

ADB-820H-RPU Technical

The ADB-820H-RPU digital encryption module for two-way radios provides a very high level of voice security (Class III plus), employing a proprietary AES encryption algorithm with the powerful combination of 72 quadrillion+ digital keys to prevent breeches of communication by the most determined adversaries. ADB-820H-RPU series utilizes a digital communication channel in a radio system that can consist of both portable and mobile radios to provide a cost-effective voice privacy solution for commercial entities, police departments, public safety, drug enforcement, governments and militaries to prevent eavesdropping on critical communications by unwanted listeners, drug smugglers, rogue terrorists, criminals or enemies.

When the radio user is operating in secure mode, the eavesdropper will not hear any vocalization; instead they will hear only “white noise” when speech is being transmitted. By using a digital communication channel in an analog radio communication system, voice quality is not compromised, providing for clear speech when the radio is used in secure mode. The module features background noise rejection which enhances the clarity and coherence of the message between the sender and the intended listener.

The ADB-820H-RPU voice security module installs easily into RELM VHF/UHF mobile and portable radios.

It provides a very high level of voice security in radio systems utilizing conventional analog repeaters in the 12.5/25 kHz radio spectrum. The ADB-820H-RPU works in Simulcast, LTR, and voting systems as well as dispatch systems that feature Check, PTT-ID, OTAR, and GPS location information. The ADB-820H-RPU digital encryption module is easily programmed via a personal computer (PC). It offers a programmable “autodetect” option, enabling automatic receive operation while the radio is in secure mode. Other options include compatibility with any frequency inverters using analog keys and compatibility with double-inversion voice band scramblers using analog keys. The ADB-820H-RPU is available with powerful, advanced digital encryption up to AES256 for the utmost protection against adversaries who threaten the safety and security of life and property.

Additionally, these modules have a very unique feature that would allow with our technical guidance the end user to apply their own algorithm. Enabling this product to be customer specific.

Programming modules ADB-820H-RPU
Programming of the ADB-820H-RPU module is carried out with our dedicated software using:

Module external programming probe – via ADP-9-USB, 4-pin programming probe.

Produce your own UART interface for your own project.

Installation of modules ADB-820H-RPU – Wire-in module
Modules are supplied without a cable harness.

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