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ADB-956-ND Crypto Level III plus Digital Modules – 64 Digit HEX key (256-bit)


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ADB-956H-ND Digital Encryption Modules (Option board for Kenwood NEXEDGE radios)

ADB-956H-ND Crypto Level III plus Digital Modules – 64 Digit HEX key (256-bit)

The ADB-956H-ND is designed for simple plug-in installation into Kenwood NEXEDGE VHF/UHF mobile and portable radios.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

ADB-956H-ND Technical

ADB-956H-ND Digital Encryption Modules are designed for over-air security of two-way radio systems through the use of an internally fitted Plug-In module installed into Kenwood NEXEDGE Radios.

Our NEXEDGE option module for the portable NX-200xx, NX-300xx and mobile NX-700xx, NX-800xx series radios is designed for a high level Encryption in Digital mode.

Level III plus Encryption – 64 Digit HEX key (256-bit) = Model ADB-956H-ND
(maximum security level, CryptoLevel III plus).
More than 72 quadrillion+ keys combinations.

Versions of the radios
For correct operation of APJ1 Media services modules in the NEXEDGE radio equipment as per the portable NX-200xx, NX-300xx and mobile NX-700xx, NX-800xx series radios, must have the corresponding version of the firmware, The firmware version is to be K 2.70.00 or higher.

We strongly recommend using the latest firmware version for all radios to prevent compatibility issues.

NEXEDGE radio models
European Equipment:
Portable: NX-200E, NX-200E3, NX-200-ISK, NX-200-ISK2, NX-200K, NX-200K2, NX-300E, NX-300E4, NX-300-ISK2, NX-300-ISK4, NX-300K, NX-300K2, NX-300K3, NX-300K4

Mobile: NX-700E, NX-700HK, NX-700K, NX-800E, NX-800HK, NX-800HK2, NX-800K, NX-800K2

For example: Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Caribbean – Please contact us

Programming modules ADB-956H-ND
Programming of the ADB-956-ND module is carried out with our dedicated software using:
While fitted inside the radio (Operational) – via the radios standard programming cable.

Installation of modules ADB-956H-ND – PlugIn module only.

Note: These modules do not operate when the radio is in analogue mode.

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