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APJ1 SigDef-2D HF/SSB External Encryption Unit
(For LMR, Marine, Goverment and Military applications) 256 bit, 16 key’s

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APJ1 SigDef-2D HF/SSB External Encryption Unit
(For LMR, Marine, Goverment and Military applications) 256 bit, 16 key’s

Specially made HF encryption for todays rugged HF radio communications systems.


The SigDef-2D HF/SSB External Encryption Unit is a low rate voice and data HF modem for secure communications.

This product may be used on standard VHF FM/AM systems as well.

Expected Availability – May 2018.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

APJ1 SigDef-2D HF/SSB External Technical

The SigDef-2D HF/SSB External Encryption Unit is a low voice rate and high data rate HF modem for secure communications. The SigDef-2D can be connected to most modern HF transceivers and VHF/UHF radios. Secure Voice and Data communications are critical to protecting private information and confidential conversations from casual eavesdroppers, the public, business competitors, criminals, terrorists and enemies. Add-on Voice and Data security units used to keep confidential information away from unwanted listeners to protect businesses, property and personnel


A voice part of the SigDef-2D includes all elements of typical digital voice encryption system: a digital speech coder (vocoder) which transforms the speech into a digital bit stream, a digital encryption and decryption block to encode and decode the bit stream, and a modem to transmit and receive the encrypted digital information.

The user of the SigDef-2D can work with one of 3 (three! – 600, 1200 or 2400 bps) Digital Voice rates of built-in vocoder selected by user in depending on the current propagating conditions. The SigDef-2D will automatically detect and processes the incoming Digital Voice with different rates (Autobauding). The SigDef-2D will automatically detect and processes the incoming clear or encrypted Digital Voice (Automode). A data part of the SigDef-2D is a 9 rate HF modem. The maximum data rate is 9600 bps (coded) and 12800 bps (uncoded). An additional speaker up to 12 W can be connected to the SigDef-2D.

The SigDef-2D has the ability to be upgraded with any future improvements via upgrade file. An internal Encryption Board is intended for implementation of Customer Encryption Feature and other secure requirements The programming and key loading is occurred via PC.

The SigDef-2D is supplied with a standard APJ1-SM10, K-Type speaker-Microphone

* SigDef1-P001USB Programming Cable
* SigDef1-Axxx to radio interface lead
* SigDef1-P002 Power Cable

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Provisional Specifications of the APJ1 SigDef-2D HF/SSB

Final release     
Operating Temperature-30 deg.C to +60deg.C
Power Input+8V to +36V DC
Operating ModesDigital Voice,
Analog Voice,
Data Transmission
Supply current0.5A max @ 12V DC
Dimension144mm X 37mm X 85mm
Speaker1W with supplied
SM10 Speaker
Modesduplex, half-duplex
Air modulation8PSK
CodingConvolutional, R = 1/6, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4
Interleaving360 msec
Vocoder synchronizationautomatic for frames 10, 12, 15, 20, 22.5 и 30 msec
Acquisitionon-data and on preamble
De-acquisitionautomatic, by EOM or by specified number of bits received
Clock rate adjustment-100100ppm
Frequency offset
Frequency drift
Total RX+TX delay850900msec@ 2400 bps
Multipath spread
Fading rate7Hz
AWGN channel
2400 bps8.5dB@BER=10-3
1200 bps3.5dB@BER=10-3
600 bps0.0dB@BER=10-3
2msec, 5 Hz
fading rate
2400 bps17.0dB@BER=10-3
1200 bps11.0dB@BER=10-3
600 bps7.0dB@BER=10-3
Data interfaceSerial port over USB, DTR as data PTT
HandshakeRTS and CTS / None
Data port baud rate1200 bps – 38400 bps (default)
Encryption AlgorithmAES256
Length of key256 bit, 16 key's
I/O Connectors
Speaker MicrophonePLT circular 6 pin (m)
RadioD-Sub 15 pin (f)
Power DC INL712RA Barrel connector
Speaker MicrophoneAPJ1-SM10 K-Type, included
Cable-adaptor to a RadioSigDef1-Axxx

(Depending on a type of Radio)
PC interface cableSigDef1-P001
DC power cableSigDef1-P002


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