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ASSB-256 Crypto Level III Digital Modules – 256 bit Key

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APJ1 ASSB-256-w HF/SSB Encryption Module
(For LMR, Marine, Goverment and Military applications).
256 bit, single key

ASSB-256 Crypto Level III Digital Modules – 256 bit Key

The ASSB-256 is designed for simple wire-in installation into any HF mobile and portable radios with space to fit an option board.  Function buttons I/O’s are momentary selection.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

ASSB-256 Technical

The ASSB-256 wire-in Encryption module is a low rate voice HF modem for secure communications. The ASSB-256 can be fitted to most modern HF transceivers and VHF/UHF radios. Secure Voice communications are critical to protecting private information and confidential conversations from casual eavesdroppers, the public, business competitors, criminals, terrorists and enemies. Add-on Voice security units used to keep confidential information away from unwanted listeners to protect businesses, property and personnel.

A voice part of the ASSB-256 includes all elements of typical digital voice encryption system: a digital speech coder (vocoder) which transforms the speech into a digital bit stream, a digital encryption and decryption block to encode and decode the bit stream, and a modem to transmit and receive the encrypted digital information.

The user of the ASSB-256 can work with one of 3 (three! – 600, 1200 or 2400 bps) Digital Voice rates of built-in vocoder selected by user in depending on the current propagating conditions. The ASSB-256 will automatically detect and processes the incoming Digital Voice with different rates (Autobauding). The ASSB-256 will automatically detect and processes the incoming clear or encrypted Digital Voice (Automode). A data part of the Defender is a 3 rate HF modem – 600, 1200 and 2400 bps. The ASSB-256 has an ability to be upgraded with any future improvements via upgrade file. The programming and key loading is occurred via PC.

The ASSB-256 is supplied with ASSB-256 wiring loom and comes in two versions v1-vocoder 600/1200bps or v2-vocoder 1200/2400bps

ADP-HF-USB Programming Cable

Compatible HF transceivers
Most HF transceivers. We have tested our boards for following HF transceivers:

Icom IC-78, IC-716, IC-7000, IC-F8101, Kenwood TK-90, Vertex VX-1210, VX-1400, VX1700, Harris.

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Specifications of the ASSB-256

Operating Temperature-30 deg.C to +60deg.C
Power InputDigital Voice, Analog Voice Transmission
Supply current0.5A max @ 12V DC
Dimension144mm X 37mm X 85mm
Audio Input600 ohm, -35 to +10 dBm (programable).
Audio Output600 ohm, -35 to +10 dBm (programmable).
Bandwidth400 to 2600 Hz
Channel modulation8PSK
Subcarrier1350 Hz
Interleaver360 ms
Compensation of frequency drift±30 Hz, 1 Hz/sec
Compensation of symbol speed mistiming± 100*10-6
Compensation of multipath/fading0…5 ms, 3…8 Hz
Receive – transmit delay DV1.5 sec
Digital Voice rates600/1200 or 1200/2400 bps
Data rates600/1200/2400 bps
Encryption AlgorithmAES256
Length of key256 bit, 1 key
Customer Encryption OptionAvailable
I/O Connectors
On-board connector20-pin JST connector with 20cm open ended wires


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