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ASSB-32-CM Crypto Level II Digital Modules – 32 bit Key

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ASSB-32-CM custom built HF/SSB Encrypted Speaker-Microphone (For LMR, Marine, Goverment and Military applications).
32 bit, 16 keys (manual select).

ASSB-32-CM Crypto Level II Digital Modules – 32 bit Key

The ASSB-32-CM is designed for simple installation on any HF mobile and portable radios with access to external microphone and speaker.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 4 cm

ASSB-32-CM Technical

The ASSB-32-CM Real Digital Voice Universal Remote Speaker Microphone (We simply call the Black Mic)

Secure voice communications are critical to protecting private information and confidential conversations from casual eavesdroppers, the public, business competitors, criminals, terrorists and enemies.

Add-on voice security units can be used to keep confidential information away from unwanted listeners to protect businesses, property and personnel. Perhaps their greatest value is in protecting lives – those of soldiers, police, public safety, government workers, employees and our citizens who count on us to protect them.

APJ1 Media Services Ltd real-life digital encryption speaker-mic the ASSB-32-CM BlackMic includes all elements of typical digital encryption system: a digital speech coder (vocoder) which transforms the speech into a digital bit stream, a digital encryption and decryption block to encode and decode the bit stream, and a modem to transmit and receive the encrypted digital information.

The ASSB-32-CM Black Mic applies a complex adaptive mechanism, so it is especially perfect on HF channels where signal propagation is determined by the fact that it’s repeatedly reflected from the ionosphere and the earth surface and significant changes of propagation conditions depending on the geographical location, frequency, time of day, season, solar activity, and other circumstances.

The user of the ASSB-32-CM Black Mic can work with one from 3 (three! – 600, 1200 or 2400 bps) rates of built-in vocoder depending on the current propagating conditions. The ASSB-32-CM Black Mic automatically detects and processes the incoming signal with different bps rates (Autobaud). The ASSB-32-CM Black Mic automatically detects and processes the incoming signal clear or encrypted (Automode).

The ASSB-32-CM Black Mic provides true digital encrypted voice privacy with crystal-clear audio quality that is fully compatible with HF, VHF, UHF communications channels.

The ASSB-32-CM Black Mic has the ability to be upgraded with any future improvements via upgrade file. The programming and key loading is occurred via PC.

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Specifications of the ASSB-32-CM (Black Mic)

Operating Temperature-30 deg.C to +60deg.C
Power Input+8V to +36V DC
Operating ModesDigital Voice, Analog Voice
Supply current0.5A max @ 12V DC
Dimension144mm X 37mm X 85mm
Speaker1W Built-in
Bandwidth400 to 2600 Hz
Channel modulation8PSK
Subcarrier1350 Hz
Interleaver360 ms
Compensation of frequency drift±30 Hz, 1 Hz/sec
Compensation of symbol speed mistiming± 100*10-6
Compensation of multipath/fading0…5 ms, 3…8 Hz
Receive – transmit delay DV1.5 sec
Vocoder600/1200/2400 bps
Encryption AlgorithmAES256
Length of key32-bit
Number of key16
Selection of keyManual
Customer Encryption OptionAvailable
Input Audio600 Ohm, un-balanced, -135 to +10 dBm
TX Output AudioUn-Balanced, -35 to +10 dBm (adjustable into 600 ohm load)
PTT LineOpen Collector to ground
(max 50v, 50mA)
Default Connector9-pin circular
Adaptor Cable9-pin round socket to open ended cable to form mating lead with desired radio
Programming CableADP-9-USB-CM

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