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Encryption Systems

Our Encryption

APJ1 Media Services ADB-72, ADB-720, ADB-820, ADB-92, ADB-920 series of digital modules convert your current analogue VHF/UHF radios into very secure digitally encrypted radios.

Our Digital Encryption modules are multifunctional option boards, which could be easily installed into common UHF/VHF radios for digital quality of voice, maximum level of voice protection and for control and management of your radio system.

Digital radio from an analogue one

With digital modules from APJ1 Media Services you get seamless, low cost and effective migration from analogue radios to modern digital ones.
Our solution gives you opportunity make step-by-step digitalisation of your radio system, so you don't need to buy new radios, repeaters etc, only upgrade a group of radios at a time and when needed.

New digital standard of radio communication

APJ1 Media Services presents its own digital standard for radio communication. Digital modules from APJ1 Media Services are low cost and high performance alternative to numerous digital standards (APCO 25, Tetra, Tetrapol, IDEN, EDACS, DMR).

Our Digital standard fully confirms to requirements of modem radio communications - in our modules we use vocoder for compressing speech, digital modulation, error correction, signalling protocol etc

Our digital modules provide high quality signal throughout all the communication range and no background and white noise

Highest level of speech protection

By installing our digital module into your radio you get not only digital radio, but digital radio with encryption, so communication protected from casual and advanced eavesdroppers

Voice in true digital modules is converted into stream of O's and 1's - similar to a modem. So the signal from APJ1 Media Services digital modules sounds on air as white noise. This creates a serious problem for eavesdroppers, because there is simply no voice components on the signal to be heard.

But this is not all.

APJ1 Media Services offers different levels of encryption to meet different customer demands. All version based around a AES 256-bit algorithm.

Encryption family line options

Very High-Grade encryption (256-bit user key - Using HEX format input) - our strongest standard range unit
(subject to UK export controls)



Level III - High-Grade encryption with more than 72-quadrillion key combinations (56-bit user key)



Level II - Our Standard encryption with more than 4-billion key combinations (32-bit user key)



Level I - with 1-millon key combinations (20-bit user key) - high level of protection



HF Encryption Selection of modules and external devices.

Probability of cracking

For cracking your negotiations your enemy (competitor, ill-wisher) needs not only to enter all combinations, but also has to HEAR all possible combinations of key sequences, as in the current situation only real person could distinguish real voice from gibberish. Also they need to emulate our non-standard and modified algorithm of speech compression MELP, to emulate a method of modulation and a way of error correction and to emulate the AES 256-bit algorithm and our transformation of user key to full 256-bit-key.

Read more on encryption systems on page 2
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