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Radio Licensing

The licensing process in the UK can be daunting for many new to using radio equipment in the UK.  However we can handle that for you in a way that will save you time, money and take that stress out of this task.  This will then allow you to use more powerful radios anywhere in the UK.

The license costs start from 75 per organisation and validity is from 1-5 years subject to the type of license required for your business in the UK.

Please contact us for more details.

Why You Need a License
Ofcom (Office of Communications) is a government regulatory in the UK who oversee the use of radio transmitters within the UK, this includes walkie talkies, vehicle radios, base stations or broadcast radio stations etc.

Most countries have some government agency in charge over which frequencies can be used with what type of radio. This prevents people from interfering with each other from different organisations.

License Options
PMR446: License Free
Licensed Business Two Way Radios: 5 – 25 watts
The Simple License: Use All Across UK
Technically Assigned Geographic License: Specific Frequencies

The Simple Business Radio Supplier’s License is for companies who sell and hire radio equipment, it allows companies to do short-term hire projects using a set of frequencies allocated to radio hire companies, it also allows companies to provide demo radio equipment to their clients.

The Technically Assigned Geographic License gives you a specific frequency allocated just for your organisation and to use within a specific geographic location, the prices for these licenses vary from cost-effective to the more expensive.

However, you have a choice and you can contact Ofcom directly, but remember without a license we cannot supply you with your equipment for use in the UK. License for overseas use will depend on country of use.

Use this link to contact OFCOM UK License regulator directly


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